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Client#680, 2017/12/10
Perfect for grandson.
Client#1740, 2017/10/11
Style and Comfort!

Have you ever wanted to buy workout shoes that look stylish and are comfortable to wear all day, not just at the gym? The Nike Roshe ��One Winter�� is the ideal shoe for the ordinary shoe shopper or somebody looking for workout shoes to run, lift, or do any physical activity. When I was looking for a multi purpose shoe that I could use to run a couple miles at the gym then wear to class the rest of the day, I knew the Nike Roshe ��One Winter�� was the perfect shoe for me. I will be critiquing the shoe��s comfort, durability, and price.

The midsole and the outsole of the shoe are foam, which add for a lot of cushion to every single step. I don��t ever have to worry about my feet hurting from walking to much one day or running a few miles at the gym. The shoe was made during the winter season but it has never felt like my feet are to hot when I wear them during the warm seasons. Winter may only last a few months, but this shoe has proven to work during every season. Multiple times I have stepped on snow or puddles and because the upper fleece is thick, it can occasionally make the shoe feel uncomfortable or a sense of wet feeling on your feet. Never has this shoe taken more then five to ten minutes to dry up once inside making it comfortable instantly again.

I walk over five miles everyday going class to class and from work and this shoe has proven numerous times to stand-up to serious wear. The sock liner and the knit upper fleece gives me the chance to tie the shoe as tight or loose as I want without ever tearing the liner or upper. This part of the shoe also comes with very simple laces that stretch to make it fit perfect around your foot shape. I have worm the Nike Roshe ��One Winter�� in all seasons and it has proven its durability remarkable.

The Nike Roshe ��One Winter�� is a multi-purpose shoe that only cost $69.99 and one of the main reasons I bought it. This is a shoe that you can use for casual wear and working out and it is a very fair price. The shoe is wrapped up in a winter inspired upper that makes it stand out during the winter season and holidays. The Outside of the shoe is covered by snowflakes and has a snowman look alike in the heel of the shoe. This shoe has proven to be worth its price with how much detail Nike went into making it look excellent!

Overall, I would recommend this shoe for all the seasons year round for the average college student to the simple customer looking to get the total comfort and look all in one package. The Nike Roshe ��One Winter�� will not dissatisfy you!
Client#1946, 2017/08/16
I used to sport Janoskis before but when I saw these awesome kicks, I finally decided to change style. Very affordable and classy.
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