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Client#901, 2018/01/20
These shoes are amazing for training and running. I bought these because when I tried the freerun's I thought that the bottom rubber part of those being all separate would improve my running, but it actually made it worse. I lost power as the individual rubber grid pieces would bend apart not allowing me to generate force using my entire foot. These do not have that feature and that is why I would prefer them over any other training shoe. I wear these most days of training except for deadlifts and front squats(I prefer Olympic lifting shoes for the increased ankle mobility). I'm a personal trainer and I wear these all day long from 8am to 8pm most weekdays. I have to admit I can't remember shoes that I could wear all day at work and come home and not be in a rush to get them off because of discomfort. Also the Royal blue/white is just beautiful in my opinion.
Client#1580, 2017/12/05
Client#199, 2017/09/12
I'm very satisfied with my shoes!
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