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Client#23, 2018/01/06
run small perfect for grandaughter gift after we exchanged, thank you.
Client#655, 2017/11/27
Client#1981, 2017/11/01
The Nike Free Runs 5.0 is not only a suitable product for runners and athletes, but it is also a perfect fit for people who are constantly on their feet or require a pair of shoes that will help them ease their way throughout the day. The product is incredibly durable. I��ve been using my pair of Nike Free Runs 5.0 for about two years. I wear the shoes every time I go to the gym. I still use my shoes to this day, even throughout all the numerous amounts of strain that it has been able to withstand. The Nike Free Runs 5.0 well succeeds in the necessary aspect of comfortability. The soft padding, which cushions the foot, allows for a comfortable, yet strong and effortless support to hold the upper body. The Nike Free Runs 5.0 is built on quality material. Runners favor lightweight shoes such as these. The shoes are made up of thin fabric all throughout. Along with its lightweight structure, the Free Runs 5.0 is also a breathable shoe, allowing for the feet to cool down in order to minimize perspiration build-up. I��ve always enjoyed playing basketball in these shoes because the lightweight feel allowed me to move fast. These shoes are a perfect fit for runners and athletic individuals looking for the best and latest quality material out there. An important topic to keep in mind is the Nike Free Run 5.0��s ability to protect the body from injuries. The shoes provide arch support, which helps to sustain the immense pressure that the body often places on the feet. Along with the soft padding for the feet, the soles allow for maximum flexibility, which is great for unrestricted, carefree movement. I��d say that my ninety dollars was definitely worth the price. From my personal experience with the Nike Women��s Free 5.0 Running Shoes, I��d rate the product as 5 stars overall. It serves a multitude of tasks, which is convenient for usage in just about every environment. In my case, I can wear it during the daytime when I��m in school, or even during days when I go hiking with my friends. The product exceeded all of my expectations.
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